2012 Dead Art? Then and Now Photographic Competition Returns!

After a successful year in 2011 for the MAB photo competition, it now returns for the third time but with an exciting new twist!

Like last year, entrants will need to submit two photos. one representing stone memorials in history and the other showing more modern stone memorials, but this time those short listed will be uploaded on to the upcoming MAB website http://www.rememberforever.org.uk for the public to vote for the ultimate winner and runner up!

StoneGuard Memorial Insurance are kindly sponsoring the competition for the third time, with the prize of £1000 for the winner.

You have until 16th August midnight to enter, you do not need to be a professional photographer to apply and good luck! Email your entries to mab@oneismore.com 

10 short listed entries will be selected by a panel of judges from all entries received by midnight 16th August 2012. Entries chosen will then be put up on website http://www.rememberforever.org.uk to compete in a public vote for the ultimate runner up and winner. One vote per person. Online voting will close at midnight 26th September 2012

• Entries will not be valid unless two (2) photos are entered (then and now)
• Entries with only one photo will not be counted
• All images must be 2480 x 1748 pixels (minimum) and compressed in JPEG format
• Only one entry (two photos) per person

We advise entrants to either get permission from the owners/next of kin or the council/church before taking pictures of the stones, but as the theme is ‘Then and Now’ headstone details do not have to necessarily be to be displayed. For most memorials over 70 years old, you do not need to get permission however it is always best to ask the crematorium or cemetery just in case.

Copyright : We would use the images for promotional purposes for the Memorial Awareness Board, but all credit will be given to the photographer and if you have a website or blog it can be linked to that. Also, we will contact media if you are shortlisted and would use your images to promote the competition. 

Winner and runner up will be informed by 28th September by 2012 by phone and email.

The competition is open to residents of the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands . Unless otherwise specified in the interaction information, the competition winner must provide a UK or Channel Islands address for delivery of the prize, and MAB will not deliver to any address outside the UK or Channel Islands.

Employees, and members of the immediate families of MAB, and any of their subsidiaries and/or agencies associated with this competition, including the provider of the prize,  or any person connected with the administration or otherwise of the competition and/or prize where applicable, are ineligible to enter. Any such entries are invalid. 

6 thoughts on “2012 Dead Art? Then and Now Photographic Competition Returns!

  1. When you say that “All images must be 2480 x 1748 pixels (minimum)”, does this mean those dimensions are the minimum for either height or width, or do the images have to be that exact aspect ratio? In other words, if I submit images that are 2566 x 1748, will they be rejected?

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your question.

      2480 x 1748 is just a guideline really to stop people submitting photos which are too small for the judges to be able to see properly, and therefore limiting their chances. Images that are 2566 x 1748 will certainly be accepted.

      I look forward to seeing your photos!

      Kind regards,

      Emily, The Memorial Awareness Board

  2. Could you please clarify what you mean by “modern stone memorials”. Do you mean only modern day headstones / memorials found in graveyards / cemeteries or can it be a modern day memorial that is NOT a headstone and found in a ‘public place’?

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